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A new way to collectdata in Africa

Convert your paper forms to mobile forms in minutes and start collecting data from anywhere instantly.

A few more details to help us give you a better mobile forms experience



Easily create your forms using our easy Form Builder on the web using drag and drop functionality, No coding required.

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Drag & Drop

Design Powerful mobile forms, built with simple drag and drop funtionality using our online designer. Whatever paper forms you use today, you can redesign them in minutes here.

Better Data

In additon to Text, Option Lists and Select one questions, you can collect barcodes, signatures, GPS locations and many more data you can not collect with paper.

Here to Help

Need some help? Or have a lot of forms to migrate? No worries! We're happy to build your forms for you. Email us a scan of your paper forms and we'll build it for you. Your first form is free.


Share your forms securely with everyone on your team and have them start collecting data instantly both offline and online.


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In one Click

Once you create a form on your account, you can share it across all of the devices/teams associated with your account. you can choose to make the form available for only certain devices or project team members.

Reassign forms

You get notified everytime a form is submitted. if there is a problem with the data or need someone to update the data ,the reassign feature allows you to send partially/fully completed forms to your team in the field to update the form and resubmit.

Works Online & Offline

Your business does not have to stop due to bad network. Our clients work across many environments, many of which don’t have reliable network coverage. We’ll store you data inputs on your phone and submit the data to your mobile forms account the next time you’re connected.



Get notified in real time as your data comes in and log into our portal to view and export your data automatically in excel, csv, PDF or send your data directly to your database in the office or on the cloud.

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Advanced Exports

Once you submit data, you can seamlessly extract your data in different formats using our advanced export tools.


We are Enterprise ready. you can integrate your data directly to your backend system or database. Contact us for details.


Automatically track the location of each form submission with our Google Map Integration.

Analyze (Coming Soon)

Analyze your data and start making better decisions with beautiful dashboard reports and Statistical analysis..

Analyze (Coming Soon)